Get inspired to draw every day with Art Prompts

An illustration of an Android phone with many Art Prompts logos coming out of the screen.

1000+ original prompts

The Art Prompts Android app features over 1000 unique, original prompts, designed to give you the inspiration you need to keep drawing.

An illustration of a dragon, a bloody skeleton, and a river in a desert.

8 different categories

The prompts are split into different categories, in case you want to draw only Fantasy, Places, or People.

An illustration of a skull with green tattoos and an orange Viking helmet.

Myths & Legends category

The app exclusively features the premium Myths & Legends category, with a bonus 350+ prompts.

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You can get the app completely for free, on the Google Play app store on every Android device version 5 or higher.

Get inspired to draw and get better

Access all of the prompts and find the inspiration you need to get better at what you love doing, today! Get the Art Prompts Android application on Google Play.


Check out what is changing in the app’s changelog